Fiberine - Upholstery Fabric Waverly Tile Adobe . Once I had the sink was able to saw out hole my kitchen countertop. You can usually catch her in natural habitats wandering through forest roads van hiking to waterfall glacial lake

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X PVC Bushing . I screwed in some plywood to make the top of bedframe on right and created hinge lids out for storage spaces left. Too bad about the expensive Yeti. display block return if function yle. Fully kitted with solar fridge toilet kitchen and bed for bit under Australian including the van Safe travels peace happiness Kate says Posted on December am Reply saw that you wrote your biggest mistake was not getting can stand up after had time adjust do still want hightop Anna French answer YES but everyone different. Pretty simple to build | Zen Adventure Van Modifications - Pop Tops

Fel function for var rf null div return gc if document s h yle. After I had the floor insulation mapped out used my reflectix blueprint to trace shape of around wheelbases onto plywood which then pieced together like puzzle pieces create floorboard. Step Building the Bedframe and Storage Spaces We built units with scrap wood leftover plywood from floor

Full Size Van Tops - FIBERINE

Home []Finally used excess Reflectix insulation to cut out window shades. I hung all my curtains with tension rods which also used shelves to secure things while driving. I also created plank that would complete my bed when wasn using the table. Notify me of new posts by email

Former Sears service van soon to be shell. In the end spent on my camper van build. Cutting out the roof is surprisingly easy. Occupants may be ejected through the open hole. These pages are often not proof read for grammar correctness completeness safety. You can catch few of my additions to Instagram. Savage Pooh Two by twos served as the foundation. Her website also talks about many other forms of travel really well rounded and not just vanlife traveller. I love it Margaret Friedrichs says Posted on February at am Reply impressed with your build. Rick says Posted on July at pm Reply Thanks for sharing this. X I. Anna French says Posted on February at pm Reply Hi Jack just seeing this now thinking about including hot water heater my remodel any tips Anthony April am Excellent writeup the links to products very useful. We used Sheet Vinyl Adhesive which is durable but dries quickly

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Hi Top vans is NOT easy task. Most companies are focusing on other fiberglass body parts


  • But now having invested high top extension and starting my conversion all over wish even more that had just bought van begin with. Rick says Posted on July at pm Reply Thanks for sharing this

  • X I. I want to model my van build after what you have done

  • An empty cargo van provides the best blank canvas. I did this by cutting and taping together pieces of reflectix with foil tape until floor van was covered

  • I just made my own amp volt power station for about . Measure carefully and mark clear line before attempting this you only get one shot Here top view of the new converted roof Savage Pooh was custom ordered from company called Fiberine

  • Savage Pooh Rather than spending small fortune on used RV that would probably have required work to be road worthy trade off with getting good deal decided build his own camper. Radiant barrier with insulation and plywood top

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