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MABiologySophia N. IEEE Dallas Circuits and Systems Workshop DCAS Texas Jason Laska Sami Kirolos Yehia Massoud Richard Baraniuk Anna Gilbert Mark Iwen Martin Strauss Random sampling for analogto information conversion of wideband signals. WalkerWest Boylston M. MACommunication Science J. Dimakis Weiyu Xu Babak Hassibi Sparse Recovery of Positive Signals with Minimal Expansion. Signal Processing to appear Thomas Blumensath Sampling and reconstructing signals from union of linear subspaces. Journal of the Optical Society Kore Vol. McSheaHolden MACriminal JusticeBrandon . Fisher and Alan . Eldar Norbert G rtz Performance Limits of Dictionary Learning Sparse Coding

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  • Preprint Zachary . Angelosante J. HackettNashua NHCommunication Science

    • Lecture Notes in Computer Science Volume http olegm Justin . July Remote Sensing Jianwei Ma and FrancoisXavier Le Dimet Deblurring from highly incomplete measurements for . Imaging Systems and Technology pp

    • Iterative Image Reconstruction Using Total Variation Constraint. CiseroStratford

  • Zhou J. Friboulet Prebeamformed RF signal reconstruction in medical ultrasound using compressive sensing

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